With increasing threats and a constantly changing IT landscape, security teams are challenged with keeping up with the pace of identifying vulnerabilities and threats and, more importantly, fixing them. With significant changes in the way organisations approach assets and their vulnerabilities, it’s more critical than ever to have an effective vulnerability management programme in place.

Sapphire provides a cloud-based platform which reduces risk through vulnerability detection and alerting. Our managed service continuously monitors networks and critical systems, alerting and informing on the vulnerabilities that could undermine operations, exploit data and compromise businesses. We identify exploitable weakness and provide a platform to prioritise threats for effective remediation planning.


Assess threats, know immediately if an exploitable vulnerability is present on your network.

Understand the risks posed by Shadow IT.


Classify and prioritise your remediation work in relation to know vulnerabilities.

Improve your patching regime and comply with standards and industry requirements with compliance dashboards.


Analyse the threat with detailed reporting and with access to Sapphire IT Security professionals.

Remediate threats and re-test vulnerability exploits.


Our managed vulnerability management service is powered by Tenable Network Security, the recognised leader in vulnerability management and remediation. Founded in 2002, Tenable Network Security provides continuous network monitoring to identify vulnerabilities, reduce risk and ensure compliance. Sapphire’s partnership with Tenable has seen us deliver global vulnerability management systems which quickly and efficiently alert on exposure to cyber threats and how to effectively defend against them.



Monthly and quarterly reports are generated which show vulnerability trending over time, measured against exploitable threats. In addition to this, the compliance reports and trending are aligned with your business objectives. Each report is reviewed by a subject matter expert who will highlight areas of concern and provide their own interpretation of events. Serious vulnerabilities will be escalated immediately and one of our consultants will be available to discuss findings or remediation actions.


Understanding the impact of malware and its attack vector across your network can be a complex issue. Over the last 22 years Sapphire have tested, secured and protected hundreds of sensitive and mission critical networks. Our certified testing team continue to draw from this experience and now offer this knowledge in a direct and unique way through our Vulnerability Management Service. Critical threats can be discussed with security professionals, offering a valuable insight and giving peace of mind on understanding exposure, impact and remediation planning just when you need it most.

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