Cyber Incident Response

24x7x365 expert support to help your organisation respond to and remediate cyber attacks, minimising disruptions and safeguarding your reputation.

Attacks can happen at any time. While we can’t predict when a threat will emerge, we can ensure you’re ready to respond quickly and effectively. Sapphire and our partners provide an always-on, rapid incident response service that stops attacks in their tracks.

Why Sapphire

Respond to any attack at any time.

Sapphire’s team of consultants, combined with our technology partners, provides a best-in-class approach to responding to and containment of any incident, including denial of service, malware, viruses, data loss incidents, and more. We help our clients accelerate their capacity to contain threats, reduce downtime, and limit damages and costs.

Real-time Response

Sapphire ensures our clients have real-time insights and remediation for threats they face, including malware, denial of service, application attacks, data loss, and botnets.

Service Features


Multi-Threat Analysis


Documentation and Guidance


Real-Time Remediation


Customer Security Controls