Security Consultancy

Sapphire Security Consultancy

As cybersecurity fast matures into a strategic business function, accountable to senior stakeholders, organisations need top-level insight.

Understanding how to map business objectives to cyber risk to achieve this is not always easy, requiring access to a subset of talent and experience in a space already suffering from a skills shortage.

How can we work with you?

Sapphire’s security consultancy team has over 25 years of experience managing risk at a strategic level for organisations across all sectors.

Working in partnership with everyone from front-line responders to senior management teams, experienced consultants help devise a strategy, ensure long-term resilience, report to boards and assess and refine risk and controls.

Sapphire’s approach

Strategic: Sapphire helps organisations build and execute cybersecurity strategies mapped to business, culture and objectives using approved frameworks and measured using recognised metrics.

Resilient: Negate the business risk from critical failures originating from cyber-attack and improve people’s resilience, process and technology with a Business Continuity Management framework.

Flexible: Consultancy services are delivered in a way that suits customers individual requirements. Sapphire is flexible to meet the customers ‘ needs, whether this means rapidly deployed project teams, dropping in a Virtual CISO or longer-term engagements.

Security Consultancy Services

Security Strategy

Sapphire will work with your security team to create a security strategy in line with your organisation’s business strategy and incorporate your culture, management style, and corporate objectives. Essentially a security strategy will enable your organisation to securely carry out its business functions with the right balance of controls to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your corporate information.

CISO as a Service

CISO as a Service enables organisations to engage with Sapphire’s consultancy team as a virtual CISO and work with them to develop their security strategies, manage the security aspects of projects and offer guidance and assistance to the executive board in respect to critical business decisions.

Threat Assessment

Usually, the first phase of a Risk Assessment, a Threat Assessment, considers the full spectrum of threat intent (i.e. natural, criminal, accidental etc.). The reporting provides organisations with defined threat vectors and mitigation controls to minimise the outstanding risk.

Insider Threat

An insider threat is anyone in or associated with an organisation with approved access, privilege or knowledge of information systems and information services. As part of Sapphire’s Insider Threat service, we can offer senior management with an organisation an insight report on their behaviours, values, thinking, and decision-making style. We can also provide internal training if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Security consultants work as advisors to senior security leaders to build strategies that minimise risk. Tactically, they also analyse potential threats, run tests on systems and respond to incidents.

Security Risk Management is the ongoing process of identifying security risks and implementing plans to address them.

a) Understand The Organisation’s Security Environment
It is key for a security consultancy to have a clear overview of the organisation’s security environment. Initially, this is often achieved with an audit designed to analyse people, process and technology.

b) Implement A Risk Management Framework
A risk management framework maps security controls to risk, providing organisations with an overview of an otherwise complex and fluid environment. Collecting the data necessary to achieve this, typically involves the following steps:

i) Identify risk

ii) Identify maturity of controls

iii) Prioritise risks

(iv) Identify where additional resource is required and deploy additional controls

v) Monitor and manage proactively