Cloud Security

Strengthening Cloud Security: Sapphire’s Next-Generation Solutions for Dynamic Infrastructure Protection

An organisation’s cloud infrastructure is a highly visible part of the external attack surface. Improperly secured due to misconfigurations, poor access controls, or a bad patching regime, it can become a point of entry for threat actors. With cloud infrastructure being so complex and dynamic, it presents an ongoing risk for security teams.

Sapphire’s next-generation infrastructure security solutions provide dynamic intelligence on cloud infrastructure, understanding risk in the context of the wider organisation. This allows security teams to mitigate emerging issues, create policies and procedures to prevent future attacks, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Cloud Infrastructure Risks

Next-Gen Security Solutions

Dynamic Risk Assessment

Proactive Threat Mitigation

Ongoing Security Management

Operate safely in the knowledge that multi-cloud infrastructure is secure regardless of whether it is deployed on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure.

Focused: Automate and aggregate a complex array of cloud infrastructure defences in a simple to deploy tool for more efficient security operations.

Secure: Benefit from protection against advanced threats to cloud infrastructure with consolidated Firewall, DLP, IPS, malware, and application security solutions.

advanced threat prevention security

Benefit from comprehensive infrastructure security which is scalable and optimised for the cloud environment. Sophisticated, multi-layer protections including:

  • Firewall, IPS, Antivirus and Anti-Bot
  • Application Control
  • IPsec VPN
  • Mobile Access with an SSL encrypted connection and 2FA
  • Data Loss Prevention
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centralised management across cloud and on-premise infrastructures

Manage all infrastructure with one unified portal where a consistent security policy is enforced for corporate assets across all environments.

dynamic and automated policy

A solution that leverages contextual information about the infrastructure. Cloud-defined elements such as asset tags, objects, security groups and more are updated in real-time, automatically adjusting security policies to any changes in dynamic cloud environments.

consolidated logs and reporting for hybrid cloud environments

Unified threat visibility and enforcement across cloud and on-premises infrastructures, with enhanced forensic analysis by consolidating logging and reporting into a consistent event-level view, dramatically simplifying compliance and audits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The term cloud computing infrastructure security refers to a comprehensive set of applications, policies, and technologies. Infrastructure Security in Cloud Computing also includes controls used to protect applications, data, services, and virtualised IP.

With the current global climate, it’s no surprise that many companies are migrating large amounts of their data and infrastructure into the cloud. If your company is doing this or has done this, understanding the importance of cloud security has never been more important.

Having good infrastructure security in place is essential in creating a resilient environment that will work great for your company. That’s why Sapphire’s next-generation solutions provide your company with dynamic intelligence on cloud infrastructure. This allows your security team to mitigate emerging issues and create policies and procedures to prevent future attacks.

i. Microsoft Azure

Advanced threat prevention to protect Azure public and Azure Stack hybrid cloud environments from malware and other sophisticated threats provided by a Microsoft Azure certified solution. Our solutions enable easy and seamlessly secured workloads, data and assets while providing secure connectivity across your Azure cloud and on-premises environments.

ii. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our solutions deliver advanced threat prevention security to keep assets and data in Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments protected from even the most sophisticated threats. As a certified AWS Security Competency solution, it will seamlessly integrate with native AWS controls to enable rapid deployment while supporting auto-scaling and high availability across multiple Availability Zones.

iii. Google Cloud Platform

Advanced threat prevention security to protect assets and data in the Google cloud while enabling secure connectivity across your cloud and on-premises environments, complimenting native Google Cloud Platform controls to enable you to seamlessly secure your assets in the cloud.