Testing & VulnerabilityAnalysis

UK-certified penetration tests, delivered by our experienced and skilled testers, help our clients to keep their networks and systems secure.

Our penetration testing and analysis service allows our clients to gain visibility and gauge a true understanding of the effectiveness of their IT security programme, enabling them to adequately plan on how best to protect against threats.


Breach Attack Simulation (BAS)

Social Engineering

Web and Mobile Application Tests

Internal / External Infrastructure and Network

Vulnerability Assessments

Security Audits

Black Box Testing


Reducing risk.

Sapphire’s pen test and vulnerability assessment analysis service helps organisations across the UK identify vulnerabilities in processes, people, and technology, reducing the risk of attack and mitigating the associated reputational, financial, and legal impacts.


Sapphire delivers data assurance services to help safeguard their client’s information. The deliverables of any engagement will include recommendations for technical countermeasures and other improvements, including:


Nature of the vulnerability


Risk level assessment


Risk reduction strategies


Client’s business risk security


Technical summary


Management summary

The strength and effectiveness of our testing services lie in the expert execution of assessment and the quality of our comprehensive reports.

Clients benefit from a thorough vulnerability analysis, detailed evidence of the associated risks and remediation advice. To support this process, our consultants are on hand to offer their expertise, helping you secure your infrastructure and re-test if required..


Streamlined reporting and analysis.

Our clients benefit from access to Sapphire’s penetration test reporting, collaboration, and management portal, which is designed to streamline our testing activities end-to-end.

Whether conducting Breach Attack Simulations (BAS), penetration tests or vulnerability assessments, the Sapphire portal automates the process, enabling our clients to drive efficiency and allocate resources for vulnerability remediation based on risk level.