Vulnerability Management (VM)

Close your security gaps with proactive, risk-based visibility and prioritisation.

Sapphire’s Vulnerability Management service provides complete visibility of all vulnerabilities across devices, networks, cloud infrastructures, applications, and websites. Our continuous vulnerability scanning and analysis enable our clients to direct resources more effectively and take action against the most critical issues impacting their business.

Visibility & Analysis

Gain visibility and context.

Sapphire’s Vulnerability Management service enables unrivalled visibility into vulnerabilities across all layers. But it’s not just about detection; we deliver context. For each vulnerability identified, our expert analysts evaluate its risk using a dual-tiered approach to scoring vulnerabilities, utilising both the dynamic Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) and the widely accepted Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) scores. This ensures that our clients are not just aware of potential threats but also understand their implications.

ACtionable Results

Alongside escalated vulnerabilities, you receive clear, actionable remediation recommendations, so you’re not just detecting threats; you’re addressing the ones that impact your risk the most.



Detection Across Every Platform


Tailored Threat Indicators


24x7x365 UK-Based Alerting & Response


Improve Your Security Posture


Satisfy Compliance Requirements

Reporting for every audience.

Sapphire’s reports are always written with our clients in mind and customised to their specific needs.

Our regular reporting includes management summaries, tracked metrics, board-level and compliance-focused reporting. Technical detail is provided, prioritised by risk, and includes in-depth analysis of detected vulnerabilities, impact and guidance on remediation.