Operational Technology (OT) Security

We combine years of expertise and cutting-edge technology to help you identify and mitigate Operational Technology (OT) cyber risks.

With 100% asset visibility, you can mitigate risks while driving operational efficiency via streamlined asset management, reduced downtime, increased resilience, and better resource allocation.

Complete visibility

Uncover risks to your OT infrastructure

Get actionable insights

Manage your vulnerabilities

Scalable solutions

Why Awen by Sapphire

Easy to Deploy

Our security-by-design technology can quickly and flexibly be deployed to build a clear picture of modern and legacy OT infrastructure, working around your constraints.

100% Asset Visibility

Conduct asset and vulnerability discovery on operational technology to generate a comprehensive picture of your network. 

Identify Vulnerabilities

Understand your risks and mitigate them. Improve your resilience to cyber threats.

Improve your Resilience

With a full picture of your risk, align your operations with industry best practices, standards, and regulatory mandates, and demonstrate a meticulous approach to new and emerging security challenges.

Solutions for new and legacy OT.

We have developed software empowering industrial organisations across energy, water, transportation, and manufacturing to increase network visibility and minimise cyber risk. Our innovative software was purpose-designed for all OT, including greenfield and legacy and integrates with:

  • ICS
  • BAC & BMS
  • IoT/IIoT
  • Industrial Robotics


Discover what’s on your Industrial Control System network.

Watch our demo to learn how Dot by Awen performs asset and vulnerability Discovery on Operational Technology (OT), including ICS, SCADA, and IoT systems. It is built using security-by-design and safety-critical scanning technology to support modern and legacy networks, using deep packet inspection and exclusive active scanning software to build a full picture of your network.