Perimeter Security

Safeguarding our clients from external threats, protecting their sensitive data and supporting business continuity.

We manage the cyber security posture of clients operating across multiple industries and compliance frameworks. Our solutions provide advanced threat prevention and the ability to scale to your environment, giving you control and visibility across your networks and cloud architectures.

What we do


Tailored guidance across the UK’s leading solutions.


Custom architecture and design.


Expert deployment by skilled and experienced engineers.


Premier support by certified technicians.


Ensuring continuity of operations with regular health checks.


A trusted perimeter that reduces the risk of cyber exposure.

Why sapphire

A tailored approach to meet the unique needs of every industry.

Clients leverage our extensive experience across multiple sectors to design and action improvement plans explicitly tailored to safeguard their operations. Supported by our expertise and in-depth knowledge of their regulatory framework, clients use Security Improvement Plans (SIPs) to determine the most appropriate course to a more robust and mature cyber security posture, striking the ideal balance between protecting digital assets and driving growth.