XDR for Microsoft

Unlock the power of your security budget, with XDR expertise, complete visibility and rapid threat response.

Sapphire’s XDR service for Microsoft integrates into your Microsoft ecosystem and beyond to develop enhanced visibility, rapidly identifying and shutting down cyber threats.

Detect and Respond

Centralised, contextualised detection and response.

Sapphire’s end-to-end XDR service ensures our clients have total visibility, comprehensive security use cases, contextualised threat intelligence and rapid response rates.

Sapphire helps organisations across the UK bridge skills and resource gaps by assisting our clients in streamlining and maximising their Microsoft security investment. Our clients experience enhanced visibility and clearer insights that comprehensively understand their unique security landscapes.

Unlock the power of your Microsoft license.

Sapphire’s managed XDR service enables our clients to fully leverage their Microsoft license’s security power. Sapphire clients benefit from a comprehensive security solution, with rapid threat detection and response via best-in-class technology and human security experts, 24x7x365. 

Why Sapphire

Our team of security analysts continually respond to threats and provide a human touch that gives our clients a peace of mind that the experts are always available

Sapphire’s Microsoft XDR service enables our clients to fully leverage their license, strengthening their overall security posture while maximising their investment.

Our combination of premium, open-source, and proprietary threat intelligence ensures that our clients have the advantage of the most complete situational awareness.

Sapphire’s finely-tuned security decisions power automatic threat containment, providing our clients with near-instant response and a false positive rate of less than 1%, allowing your team to focus on the most critical matters.

Our team of security engineers achieve and maintain industry-leading training and certifications that ensure our clients only receive the utmost quality of support.

what our clients say

“We’ve been using Sapphire’s managed services for a year, and in that time, we have experienced a return on investment by saving time and freeing up our security team.”

Infrastructure & Security Manager. Financial Services & Technology