Cyber Threat Intelligence

Operational, brand and vulnerability intelligence, reducing your exposure to cybercriminals.

Sapphire uses real-time intelligence data from an unrivalled quantity of sources across every language, enriched with credible evidence to provide our client’s with unparalleled reliability.


Utilising best-in-class technology.

Our processes are embedded into market-leading technology platforms, enabling rich, rapid analysis for faster research, with customer-relevant advanced searches, alerting and reporting.

vulnerability analysis

Our service consolidates client-specific information such as key individuals, brands, technologies and more, providing relevance and context to credible threats and intelligence findings.

threat Intelligence Lifecycle


Define Your Attack Surface


Process Threat Intelligence


Your Contextualisation


Actionable Intelligence & Remediation


Analysis & Investigation




Transform your cyber security position from reactive to proactive.

Sapphire’s Managed Threat Intelligence service gives customers the opportunity to be one step ahead of cyber threats. We examine what’s important to customers, which can be any aspect of their business, and proactively monitor thousands of data sources for any possible threat indicator.

The volume of security data being ingested can be overwhelming for many organisations.

Not all cyber threat intelligence offers credible, actionable information that an expert analyst has reviewed. Commonly, these insights are automated and contain vast amounts of raw data, diminishing any real value held within.

Sapphire’s Threat Intelligence service proactively monitors thousands of threat data points and contextualises these with customer-specific information. We eliminate false positives, quantify risk, and identify where cyber criminals are focusing on your business, your operations and your people.

24x7x365 Proactive Monitoring

Brand & Reputation Protection

Proactive Threat Discovery

On-Demand Investigations

Threat Take-Down Facilities