Breach Attack Simulation

Identifying your risk and planning your response.

Simulate real-life cyber-attacks in a controlled environment. Qualify your RPO and RTO by pinpointing vulnerabilities that could disrupt your organisation. Sapphire’s expert team of testers and consultants will give your organisation actionable, data-driven results to help you shape your cybersecurity posture.

why Sapphire

Real-life scenarios, actionable results

Our Breach Attack Simulation service goes beyond hypothetical scenarios. Our scripts draw on industry standards like MITRE ATT&CK to generate insights into your organisation’s vulnerabilities and emulate the impact of real threats that exist today.

Drawing on real-life actual threat actor scenarios, we build custom simulation packages demonstrating the impact of a successful attack. We design and run tests, then generate comprehensive reports to help you secure your organisation.

sector specific

Sapphire’s Breach Attack Simulation (BAS) service is tailored to you, leveraging the threat intelligence most relevant to your industry sector and organisation.

the benefits


Realistic Threat Emulation


Sector-Specific Intelligence


Tailored Simulation Packages


Streamlined Processes


Compliance Assurance

Why run a breach attack simulation against your organisation?

Cyber threats are evolving at a rate that few organisations can maintain pace with. A reactive approach is not enough in today’s climate. By proactively assessing the threat landscape and understanding your vulnerabilities Sapphire will help your team prepare for tomorrow’s threats.