Endpoint detection and protection for your organisation.

why Sapphire

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security protects end-user devices like desktops, laptops, mobile devices/smartphones, or tablets.

Those endpoints serve as access points to a corporate network and sensitive data.

Endpoint security plays an important role in enabling your workforce to work at home via remote devices.

As the threat landscape evolves, endpoints are still a lucrative hunting ground for attackers.

When installed deep, malicious software can move laterally, elevate privileges, eavesdrop on sensitive communications and steal critical information.

why are endpoint security solutions so important?

Monitoring the integrity of these endpoints is even more crucial than ever in today’s environment.

Endpoint Protection against or quickly detecting and acting to remediate is vital for security teams.

When there is a failure to do so, the cost of a widespread endpoint attack is high.

Not only will security incidents impact your corporate networks, but your organisation may also be impacted by the technical elements of the infection and the logistic challenges associated with backups and the deployment of new hardware.

world-leading endpoint security technologies

Sapphire’s endpoint security solution unites the technologies needed to counteract breaches and suspicious behaviour or cyber-attacks.

Our services include authentic next-gen antivirus, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and managed threat intelligence.

With technologies that offer a complete security solution rather than disparate point products, Sapphire is able to offer managed or stand-alone solutions to organisations of all sizes and across all sectors.

Endpoint security: why Sapphire?

Endpoint security standard – next-generation antivirus (NGAV) and behavioral EDR.

Our security team will analyse attacker behaviour patterns to detect and stop unprecedented malware, file-less or living-off-the-land (LotL) attacks.

Managed detection – managed alert monitoring and prioritizing.

Receive 24-hour visibility from our security operations centre (SOC) of expert analysts.

Our security experts provide validation, context into the root cause and automated monthly executive reporting.

Audit and remediation – real-time endpoint device assessment and remediation.

Simplify the audit of your system state to track and improve the security posture of all your protected endpoint devices.

Enterprise EDR – threat hunting and containment.

From blocking targeted attacks to protecting against phishing attacks, EDR gives you up-to-the-minute knowledge about specific threats and attack sources.

EDR proactively hunts for cyber security threats using threat intelligence and customisable detections.

Carbon Black and Sapphire

Carbon Black’s security solution builds on essential endpoint protections and elevates these into today’s cyber security requirements like proactive incident response and threat hunting.

With Carbon Black, Sapphire can reflect advanced security features found in enterprise protections, such as intrusion prevention and behavioural analytics, directly onto the endpoint.

Our service offers our customers (across sectors) the best protection available today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next-generation antivirus (NGAV) is an advanced security solution created to bridge the gap left by traditional antivirus solutions.

Next-generation antivirus is a sophisticated level of endpoint security that goes beyond using signatures and heuristics to deploy machine learning and big data to calculate the capabilities of a potentially malicious object.

EDR security solutions are designed to handle the high-volume, high-sophistication contemporary enterprise threat environment.

This means tailoring an endpoint protection platform for deployment in today’s SOC or enterprise to give security teams visibility of complex malware threats across all endpoint devices.

Sapphire’s endpoint security service gives you remote zero-day investigation and remediation capabilities to combat cyber attacks.

Next-generation antivirus goes beyond signature-based detection and incorporates advanced endpoint protection technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics.

  • It should go beyond signatures, heuristics, and metadata, such as IP addresses and URLs.
  • It should proactively and automatically block threats on the endpoint before they can install.
  • Effective NGAV evolves with threats and attacks as they do.
  • It provides protection even on offline devices.
  • NGAV security solutions should be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and easily managed.