Every time your employees, the senior management team and your board of directors use the Internet they leave behind a digital footprint. Be it their comments on social media, a Skype call, an app or an email sent – their online history can be seen, tracked and exploited. While many businesses are focussing their resources on implementing internal security controls, very few are turning their attention to monitoring the threats posed to their company by the manipulation of readily available data. Sapphire can provide Open Source Intelligence to help increase your security and track your internet footprint.


Business Intelligence:

  • Executive and employee background checks. 
  • Due diligence on potential clients and competitors. 
  • Market-place intelligence.
  • Corporate brand awareness.

Cyber Security intelligence:

  • How easily can you brand or employees be exploited
  • Targeted security simulations
  • Awareness: test, train and engage your employees by simulating realistic cyber attacks


The more information we are able to gather about your business when carrying out a stress test, the more persuasive the results will be enabling us to collect employee names, job roles, organisational hierarchies and systems / software in use. Even friend lists, likes / dislikes and favourite topics help us to build convincing data which we can then use to test “the human firewall”.

Using the OSINT data available enables a threat actor to carry out a targeted attack that looks legitimate. Emails can be specifically crafted to include information relevant to the target. Friends and family, social activities, charities of interest are all subjects a threat actor will use in focusing on high profile targets.

Sapphire’s OSINT team will build a profile of individuals who could be susceptible to such an attack within your organisation. By using a dedicated email sender tool we can deliver specifically crafted SMS / emails to stress test the individual or company.

Susceptible individuals can be automatically re-directed to on-line training videos, quiz’s and recommendations to follow to bring awareness to the fore.


Sapphire can provide a service which will screen employees / members / suppliers of your business, monitoring corporate image and reputational situation.

Background Screening helps employers make safer and more informed recruitment decisions and many businesses now have some form of background checks in place when hiring new staff.

Apart from DBS / Criminal background checks, implementing thorough checks using (OSINT) and social media searches, our screening service can provide an all-round picture of the applicant, and can highlight their personality as well as their professional background.

As an employer conducting pre-employment screening, you will be able to make an informed decision with regards to each candidate as to whether they are a threat to your workplace and / or your existing employees.

Hiring a new staff member is never a straight forward task. By conducting employee screening you can ensure that your candidate is an honest, trustworthy and legal applicant.

Not all recruitment agencies will conduct checks to a personal level, a well experienced candidate might be hiding behaviour that is not within the company philosophy. By conducting pre-employment checks, you could avoid fines for illegal workers, high staff turnover costs, and disruption within the work place. You will know who you are hiring and feel comfortable that you have made an informed, and educated decision.

If you are recruiting for high profile or senior level positions Sapphire’s OSINT team can produce reports based on passive OSNIT; these reports will include social media profiles, academic and education profiles, any gaps in employment history etc.