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Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Sapphire’s Managed Threat Intelligence

Vital Context and Actionable Intelligence

Sapphire’s Managed Threat Intelligence Service provides clients with a compelling alternative to acquiring and building out an in-house threat intelligence platform, team and program.

With a specific focus on Security Operations, Brand and Vulnerability intelligence, Sapphire’s Managed Threat Intelligence Service provides vital context and actionable intelligence to in-house cybersecurity programs, risk management groups and executive communications.

Managed Threat intelligence: Advantages

Managed Threat intelligence: Advantages

  • A comprehensive service: Brings collection, analysis, verification and dissemination skills together to deliver actionable intelligence quickly from the point of service commission.
  • Cost-effective: Leverages Sapphire’s investments in acquiring, integrating, and resourcing our comprehensive threat intelligence platform and skilled analyst team rather than requiring further in-house project management, selection, engineering, and analyst effort.
  • Focused on your needs: Sapphire’s Managed Threat Intelligence Service is tailored to your requirements: your organisation, your brand, your operational environment. Rather than receiving streams of generic Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), the service will deliver specific intelligence relevant to your particular situation.


Expert Analysis

Our analysts have immediate access to contextual intelligence and can assess risk and recommend actions instantly.

Premium Intelligence Sources

Our real-time intelligence data comes from an unrivalled quantity and variety of sources across every language, enriched with credible evidence to improve reliability and integrated into their research workflows.

Leading Technology Platform

Our processes are embedded into market leading technology platforms, enable rich, rapid analysis for faster research, with customer-relevant advanced searches, alerting and reporting.

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