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Incident Response

Incident Response Services
incident Response

Incident Response Services

Sapphire has partnered with Check Point to deliver Incident Response Services when you need them most.

Contact our security experts today if you require a Cyber Incident Response team to resolve cyber incidents or prevent a future cyber-attack. 

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Having a thorough understanding of customers’ business optimises Incident Response. Sapphire creates a set of strategic assets in advance, including a Readiness Review and Forensic Guidelines to achieve this. 

The Check Point team of experienced crisis responders means customers have access to deep expertise to mitigate further damage. 

Require INCIDENT RESPONSE support?

Call Sapphire’s Incident Response Team on: 0845 58 27 247

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How Incident Response Works 

In partnership with Check Point, Sapphire offers a combined Incident Response Service, ensuring you have everything you need should an incident occur. 

  1. Call our Incident Response Hotline. Our security consultants will discuss your incident and integrate the Check Point Global Incident Response Team, if required, to handle the security incident. 
  2. A range of services and technology are available to help contain and remediate incidents. 
  3. Post-incident reports are provided, including technical findings, root cause analysis and recommendations to prevent or mitigate a future attack. 
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  • Multi-threat Analysis: Insight and remediation for various threats, including malware, denial of service, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, apps, data loss, botnets, and more. 
  • Documentation and Guidance: You’ll have complete documentation and best practice recommendations to improve operations and reaction time and satisfy compliance and reporting needs. Incident response analysis, detailed reporting, remediation, attack profiling, and other data are included. 
  • Real-time Remediation: Real-time remediation is only possible with access to real-time data. During an engagement, Check Point will gather forensics information from the network, endpoint, and your cloud infrastructure to determine the threat and provide mitigations for the threat.
  • Custom Security Controls: Advice is given on how to improve your security protection. This includes custom signatures, traffic and attack analysis, rule-based protection activations, tailored protections, and protection for third-party systems and service providers.

Check Point

“Having personally worked with the team at Sapphire for over 10 years, they have always maintained an outstanding level of knowledge, within both business and technical teams where they hold the highest level of certification. The community they have built is a testament to the relationship and trust they have with their clients”.

Ian Porteous, Regional Director, Checkpoint

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an Incident Response Plan (IRP)?

An Incident Response Plan is a detailed set of documented procedures that break down the steps to be taken in every phase of incident response. It contains all the guidelines for roles and responsibilities during a security incident, including communication plans and ownership of actions. Ideally, an Incident Response Plan should be written in clear language, and all terms should be well-defined.

2. What is an Incident Response team?

By definition, an Incident Response Team refers to the personnel responsible for implementing an organisation’s IRP. Essentially, Incident Response Teams are mandated to prevent, manage and respond to any breaches or attacks. This extends to researching threats, developing and updating effective IRPs, and educating on relevant cybersecurity best practices.

3. What are Incident Response services?

Incident response services can supplement an in-house incident response team. The advantage of employing an incident response service is that it usually provides a significantly higher level of cybersecurity expertise with 24×7 response times.

Are you looking for a clear, detailed and guided process to effectively deal with cyber attacks?

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