Cyber Security Incident Response Service

Once a security incident happens, you need the right team around you to reduce the impact on business. Our Incident Response Service helps guide you through identification, containment, eradication and recovery from cyberattack. Incidents are reviewed with an expert, to help understand what lessons can be learned - a critical step in developing more robust defences and mitigation strategies.

For times of cybersecurity crisis, we have partnered with our Global Incident Response Team, who are ready to help 24x7x365. The team are equipped to investigate and contain incidents, with a focusing on getting you back to business as usual as soon and as safely as possible.

In the event of a Security Incident, please call 0845 5827 247.

How does it work?

Engage with Sapphire for our Incident Response Package, to ensure you have everything you need should an incident occur. Call our Cyber Attack Hotline and within 1 hour, our Incident Response team will engage with you to handle any aspect of a security incident, large or small. A range of services are available to help contain and remediate incidents. Post-incident reports are provided, including technical findings, root cause analysis and recommendations to prevent or mitigate future attacks. 


Become Prepared

Our IR Package starts well ahead of troubling incidents. We engage with clients to discuss how prepared they are to deal with an incident, working through a Readiness Review and delivering Forensic Readiness guides for desktops, servers and cloud environments.

Safe Hands

The Incident Response Team is on hand to assist in stabilising the business in the event of an incident, with a rich toolset to investigate and analyse existing, new and emerging threats. With access to a global threat intelligence network, threat actors and vectors for attack are always able to be quickly reviewed, reducing incident time and the risk of negative business impact.

Extension of your SOC/IR Teams

Our team leverages individual service components with your existing teams to cover specific needs or gaps. We can also provide technology to help mitigate active attacks, conduct digital forensic services such as evidence gathering, and even deploy ‘boots on the ground’ from our Professional Services team if required.

A Bridge to Research and Intelligence

The Incident Response Team works hand in hand with global research teams, intelligence partners, national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT), and law enforcement to understand the broader context of your security event.


In the event of a Security Incident, please call 0845 5827 247.

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