Planning ahead with Sapphire’s Incident Response Service.  

Save up to 20% with Sapphire’s Incident Response Service.  

24×7 Cyber Protection: Enhancing Incident Response Capabilities

Most cyber security professionals would agree that the probability of their organisation falling victim to a cyber security incident is more a question of ‘when’ than ‘if’. Incident response planning is a critical aspect of their cyber security strategy. At this time of year, we see a greater number of cyber incidents with 30% increase in ransomware attacks, and a 70% increase in attempted ransomware attacks, compared to the monthly average. In our experience, companies are more susceptible to being attacked between 18th December and 8thJanuary.    

Without an effective incident response plan, organisations face the risk of an incident impacting intellectual property, company time and resources.

With our partner, Check Point, Sapphire provides an always-on, rapid incident response service that stops attacks in their tracks. With 24x7x365 expert support to help your organisation respond to and remediate cyber-attacks, minimising disruptions and safeguarding your reputation. 

We help our clients accelerate their capacity to contain threats, reduce downtime and limit damages and cost. 


Forewarned is forearmed. At the start of our engagement, we will discuss how prepared you are to deal with an incident, work through a Readiness Review, and deliver Forensic Readiness guides for desktops, servers, and cloud environments. 


In the event of an incident our 24x7x365 team are on hand to assist in stabilising the business, with a rich toolset to investigate and analyse existing, new and emerging threats. With access to a global threat intelligence network, threat actors and attack vectors can always be quickly reviewed, reducing incident time and the risk of negative business impact. 


With our partner Check Point, we leverage individual service components with your existing teams to cover specific needs or gaps. We can also provide technology to help mitigate active attacks, conduct digital forensic services such as evidence gathering, and even deploy ‘boots on the ground’ from our Professional Services team if required. 


The Incident Response Team works closely with global research teams, intelligence partners, national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT), and law enforcement to understand the broader context of your security event. 


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In our experience, companies are more susceptible to attack between 18 December and 8 January. Is now a good time to review your cyber security incident response plans? Contact us today! 

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