cyber security technical assessment

Formulating the correct cybersecurity strategy and implementing the necessary controls can be daunting. Upon initial inspection, popular frameworks can appear to prescribe lengthy lists of security measures, potentially making informed decision-making difficult, and implementing risk mitigation strategies costly.

Sapphire maps current technology investments against a recognised framework such as the Centre for Internet Security (CIS) Controls. The final deliverable report can be used to evaluate and prioritise the investment in information security controls in a tailored way to your business, ensures effective resource outlay, and reduces cyber risk.

Complex security frameworks

Sapphire’s tailored approach

Prioritize and reduce cyber risk


Receive a complete tailored analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for improvement typically in 4 – 5 days and use it as a basis for forward-looking plans.

Built specifically for your environment, analysis can be valuable to incoming management, to guide a project team, benchmark performance, address specific problems and to provide a foundation for wider security programs.

Reduce risk with strategic outcomes that ensure long-term success and set a path to security maturity.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cyber Security Technical Assessment process utilises the broad experience of Sapphire’s consultants to create a cybersecurity strategy by mapping controls to popular frameworks. This allows for better investment decisions, reduced risk and increased resilience.

The Cyber Security Technical Assessment may suit a range of applications within an organisation, including:

  • An overview for incoming management
  • Guidance for project implementation plans
  • Benchmarking against widely accepted control frameworks
  • As an advisory service to address and identify issues