A 3-Step Security Action Plan for Financial Firms

Published on the Trustwave Blog, 21st Dec 2015
Authors: Jane Dotsenko

The finance sector is a prime target for cybercrime and appears fourth in the list of industries most commonly attacked by hackers, according to the 2015 Trustwave Global Security Report. This illustrates just how attractive the sector remains to intruders – and how prone to …

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Need Someone to Root Against During the World Cup? Try Malware Pushers

Published on Jun 12th at Trusted Blog

Author: Abby Ross, Media Relations Manager – Trustwave

World Cup 2014 kicks off Thursday and, like most major sports events, employees will be spending the next month browsing websites to read tournament news, check the latest scores and watch live streaming games.

Sports-related websites receive large …

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SMBs: Unsuspecting targets for cybercrime?

LONDON, UK, 13 September – CRN recently hosted a roundtable, commissioned by McAfee to discuss the threats faced by smaller organisations and what role the channel can play in helping to arm them against attack.

David Lannin, Security Strategist at Sapphire joined Raj Samani, European chief technology officer at McAfee and …

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