Empower your security: XDR expertise for swift threat response

Unlock unparalleled threat detection & response with our MXDR service. Tailored to your needs, it ensures robust cyber security for your organisation. Experience peace of mind today.

  • Comprehensive threat detection
  • Market-leading response rates
  • Tailored solutions for unique needs
  • Proactive cyber security measures
  • Simplified management and oversight

Benefits of Sapphire’s Managed Microsoft XDR Solution

We are always there

We protect you 24x7x365, monitoring, detecting, analysing and responding throughout your business. We provide direct access to cybersecurity professionals with extensive experience in managing and mitigating complex threats. We are an extension of your team, delivering continuous incident handling, investigation and analysis.

We value your time

We understand your focus is on running your business, so we mitigate the risks and support and guide you on incidents that need your attention the most. We collect and analyse information to support detections from low noise events, and we will advise you on what is important, who it happened to, what happened, and how to stop it from happening again.

We leverage existing technology

Our mXDR service integrates with all existing technology investments to leverage and extend value. We will work with you on everything from configuring the latest Microsoft add-on, to tuning what you have already deployed. We combine advanced automations, machine learning and AI to create more effective and efficient results, so our human experts focus more on your security and less on repetitive tasks.

We deliver value fast

From the first day of working with Sapphire our threat intelligence systems identify potential risks that could impact you. Our deployment is automated through CI/CD pipelines, building sentinel, configuring connectors and deploying our custom detections improving efficiencies by 95%.

We help grow your business

We provide continuous evidence of how you defend your customers’ personal data, financial transactions and any access to their systems – increasing their confidence.

We continue to strengthen your defences

With a holistic view of your organisation and business, combined with security expertise on the latest attacker techniques and tactics. Sapphire continues to improve and adapt our service. We extend these improvements to our client’s delivering recommendations and advice on the security roadmap, investments and coverage.