Web/Internet Isolation

Safeguarding Remote Work Environments.

With business being dominated by an increasing number of remote workers accessing a growing volume of connected services, browsers and web applications are on the front line of cyber security. Vulnerable technically, as well as open to human mistakes and social engineering, they provide a crucial role in the early phase of the attack chain, enabling attackers to gain a foothold in networks.

Sapphire allows organisations to eliminate web and email security risks through isolation – moving potentially malicious web-based functions away from the network and into a secure cloud. By segregating core assets in this way, only trusted content is rendered on user’s devices, allowing policies to be enforced while also empowering the workforce to safely use cloud assets.

why Sapphire

Scalable: Defend the entire enterprise with an always accessible pool of isolated browsing and web application environments that can be spun-up to deliver protection at scale.

Effective: Protection against mainstream attack vectors such as web-based threats, phishing, credentials theft, weaponised documents and malicious email attachments.

Simple: Reduce reliance on outdated technologies such as endpoint software to remove complexity and consolidate management into a single point of access

sector specific

browser isolation key features & benefits

100% Malware Free – Guaranteed

  • Eliminate the risk of phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks.
  • Enforce endpoint security.
  • Protects users when browsing and opens up more of the Internet to increase productivity.

Seamless End-User Experience

  • Makes it safe to click for today’s digital workforce.
  • Requires no new browsers or plug-ins.
  • Has no impact on web speed or performance.

Cloud Simplicity and Proven Scale

  • Reduces security costs and complexity.
  • Increases scale by eliminating endpoint software, outdated network appliances, and web browser plug-ins.

sector specific

email attachment isolation key features & benefits

Safe or Original Attachment Download

  • Administrators have the capability of allowing users to download safe PDF versions of rendered attachments or allowing designated users to download original document attachments.

Anti-virus Document Scan and Sandbox Options

  • Permitted downloads that have been isolated can be subject to cloud-based anti-virus scanning and sandboxing of the original document.
  • A policy controlled, fully customisable workflow (per user, per group, per domain, per category, etc.).
  • Infections are prevented by scanning documents in ZIP files, even if they are password protected.

Integrates with Existing Email Infrastructure

  • Easily integrates with existing mail server infrastructure, such as Exchange, Gmail, and Office 365.
  • Significantly reduces deployment and installation time.
  • Maintains known user experience and does not interrupt existing user email workflows.

email attachment isolation key features & benefits

Read-Only Mode

  • Prevents users from entering credentials into web forms on isolated websites.
  • Reduces the risk of credential theft.
  • Policy can be assigned by user, group, etc.

Visibility into User Behaviour

  • The ability to track which users are more prone to clicking potentially risky links and therefore causing most risk to the organisation.

Training and Awareness

  • Users are alerted in real-time to encourage caution and raise awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web isolation also known as remote browser isolation is where all browsing activity is contained in an isolated cloud-based platform away from the network. All sanitised and non-executable content is rendered safely in users devices, therefore, eliminate the risk of an attack.

By creating an air-gapped environment in the cloud providing a barrier between the user and the attacker, isolation protects the endpoint by delivering safely rendered information to devices and users. An isolation gateway that protects the organisation from both email and web based attacks can offer 100% guaranteed protection against cyber attacks.