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Web/ Internet Isolation

Browser Isolation Key Features & Benefits

100% Malware Free – Guaranteed

  • Eliminate the risk of phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks.
  • Enforce endpoint security.
  • Protects users when browsing and opens up more of the Internet to increase productivity.

Seamless End-User Experience

  • Makes it safe to click for today’s digital workforce.
  • Requires no new browsers or plug-ins.
  • Has no impact on web speed or performance.

Cloud Simplicity and Proven Scale

  • Reduces security costs and complexity.
  • Increases scale by eliminating endpoint software, outdated network appliances, and web browser plug-ins.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is web isolation vs remote browser isolation?

Web isolation also known as remote browser isolation is where all browsing activity is contained in an isolated cloud-based platform away from the network. All sanitised and non-executable content is rendered safely in users devices, therefore, eliminate the risk of an attack.

2. Can Internet isolation provide 100% protection against cyber attacks?

By creating an air-gapped environment in the cloud providing a barrier between the user and the attacker, isolation protects the endpoint by delivering safely rendered information to devices and users. An isolation gateway that protects the organisation from both email and web based attacks can offer 100% guaranteed protection against cyber attacks.