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Sapphire Gains Five Star Partner Status with Check Point

13 May 2022

With over two decades of mitigating cyber risk across people, processes, and technology, Sapphire supports its customers through its expertise, quality, and skill by employing a progressive set of cybersecurity services from in-house and partner-provided solutions.  

One such partner is Check Point, a leading global provider of cybersecurity solutions with products incorporating the world’s most advanced security technologies. Sapphire’s passion and commitment has been recognised in their advancement to Five Star status through the Check Point Stars Partner Program, an initiative recognising exceptional performance and dedication to first-rate cybersecurity.  

Check Point’s Regional Director, Ian Porteous, said: “Having personally worked with the team at Sapphire for ten years, they have always maintained an outstanding level of knowledge, within both business and technical teams where they hold the highest level of certification. The community they have built is a testament to the relationship and trust with their clients”.  

From the outset of any engagement, Sapphire’s customers rely on its team of experienced consultants to securely design, deploy, and support their Check Point estate. Additionally, Sapphire’s team aids an organisation’s existing security program by providing recommendations for complementary solutions.  

Sapphire has developed multiple Check Point Certified Security Master (CCSM) Elite accredited personnel across the team, which is the highest level of technical certification available. Sapphire provides comprehensive knowledge of Check Point’s extensive portfolio, working to help its customers to drive the efficiency and effectiveness of their technology estates. Offering an advanced level of support to customers, Sapphire provides independent assistance from its in-house experts, supported by direct access to Check Point’s Global Incident Response team if required.  

Sapphire’s promotion to Five Star status demonstrates its dedication to the long-term partnership with Check Point, its skill and commitment to excellence.

Sapphire’s CTO, David Lannin, said, “We are delighted to have been promoted to a Five Star Partner! Check Point continues to be crucial in protecting customers from fifth generation cyber-attacks across their enterprises, cloud, networks, and mobile workforces. This promotion reflects our continued investment in bringing our customers the best security”.  

Sapphire offers the most advanced cybersecurity solutions combined with extensive experience delivering and supporting Check Point technologies, is excited about its future growth and development and looks forward to continuing to share its expertise with current and prospective clients.  

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