Ensuring the Security of Transport is Not Just a Priority; it’s an Imperative.

In an interconnected world where digital innovation propels the future of transport, robot security measures will guarantee the foundation for safeguarding public safety, maintaining critical services for the public, and upholding the resilience of many other infrastructures.

Network Segmentation

Security Awareness Training

Security Testing and Assessment

Securing Operational Technology

Asset and Patch Management

The Transport Sector

The transport sector encompasses a wide array of modes of transportation. Modern civilisation relies heavily on road and aviation transport for passenger and freight movements. Many countries have well-developed railway networks that provide high-speed rail services and regional train routes. Maritime is another mode of transport that leverages seaports to facilitate trade and transportation, including container shipping. The transport sector ultimately serves as the lifeblood of modern societies, ensuring the seamless movement of key assets (people and goods).

Securing organisations from all avenues within the transportation sector involves addressing a multitude of challenges specific to each mode of transport while also considering the overarching need for resilience against cyber threats that are common to the sector as a whole.

Security Challenges in Transport

In the UK alone, transport is one of 13 critical national infrastructure sectors, which is vital to ensure the normal functioning of the entire country. As transportation becomes more interconnected and reliant on digital infrastructure and technologies, the need for robust cybersecurity measures becomes paramount to safeguard operations, protect passenger safety and defend the overall resilience of the sector to mitigate disruptions to critical services.

In 2022, the transport sector observed a 25% increase in monthly cyber incidents affecting the sector compared to the previous year. With an ever-growing threat landscape that constantly increases in both complexity and scale, there is no doubt activity will rise further.