Tenable Nessus Professional

The assets and vulnerabilities on your network are constantly changing, making it difficult to get to get a full picture of your network. However, with Tenable Nessus Pro you are able to do this and more, trust the #1 vulnerability assessment solution to help you stay a step ahead of attackers.

Nessus was built from the ground-up with a deep understanding of how security practitioners work. Every feature in Nessus is designed to make vulnerability assessment simple, easy and intuitive. The result: less time and effort to assess, prioritise, and remediate issues. 

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easy to use

Policy creation is simple and only requires a few clicks to scan an entire corporate network.

advanced detection means more protection

47,000+ CVEs – the most in the industry. Nessus scans more technologies and uncovers more vulnerabilities than competing solutions.

cost effective

Cost effective for any consultant or team, Nessus provides complete vulnerability scanning with unlimited assessments for one low price.

Built for practitioners, by practitioners

Pre-Built Policies & Templates

Out of the box, pre-configured templates for a range of assets from configuration audits to patch management. Nessus includes more than 450 compliance and configuration templates to audit configuration compliance against best practice.

Customizable Reporting

Easily create reports based on customised views, including specific vulnerability types, vulnerabilities by host or by plugin. Create reports in a variety of formats (HTML, csv and .nessus XML) and easily customise reports by team or client which can be emailed with every scan.

Live Results (New in Nessus 8)

Live Results automatically performs offline vulnerability assessments with every plugin update, showing you where you may have vulnerabilities based on your scan history. Here you can easily validate the presence of the vulnerability & accelerate the accurate detection and prioritisation of issues.

Grouped View (New in Nessus 8)

Similar categories of vulnerabilities are grouped together and presented in one thread, simplifying the time to research and prioritise issues for remediation. Snoozing lets you select specific issues to disappear from view for a period of time. So you only focus on the issues that matter at that time.

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