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Egress Insider Data Breach Survey 2019 – Research conducted by Opinon Matters

Commissioned by Egress and conducted by independent research company Opinion Matters, the 2019 Insider Data Breach survey gathered responses from 252 U.S. and 253 U.K.-based IT leaders (CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and IT Directors) and 2004 U.S. and 2003 U.K.-based employees to assess the root causes of these employee-driven data breaches, as well as the frequency and impact of such instances.

Moreover, the two surveys dive into the 'intent' behind insider breaches, with a specific look at how employees and executives differ in their views of what constitutes a data breach, what is acceptable behavior when sharing data and who owns company data, in an attempt to explain why insider data breaches continue to rise.

The data shows that there is a disconnect between IT leaders and employees on how each group views sensitive data. This perception gap, combined with the rapid growth in unstructured data and increases in ways for employees to share that data, have the potential to negatively impact an organization's security program.

The results of the research can offer insights that could help to inform the allocation of security budgets and strategies so that investment can be directed to where it will achieve the greatest impact in preventing costly data breaches.