Security Incident and Event Management

Security Information and Event Management, otherwise known as SIEM, provides businesses with real-time information on security alerts by analysing the activity of a wide range of sources across your entire IT infrastructure. 

A SIEM solution is the combination of security event management (SEM) and security information management (SIM). By combining the ability to analyse log and event data in real-time which enables threat monitoring, event correlation and incident response with the ability to collect, analyse and report on logs a SIEM solution is created. This leaves you with an efficient and effective event management tool that collects data from network devices, servers, domain controllers and more, allowing you to monitor in real-time and investigate any issues to understand potential incidents.


Threats can enter a network undetected and create chaos without any logs of the damage done, making the recovery process costly and drawn out. We are now seeing threats become even bigger with data breaches and threat actors now running widespread in today's world since so much business is now carried out online. 

Companies are continually trying to recover after a problem has become obvious, patching up an already sinking ship. Having SIEM already implemented into an IT department provides organisations with a comprehensive overview of their network consequently allowing them to react to threats much quicker and improve the management of company assets. It also enables them to streamline the disaster recovery process by showing analytics of what failed, points of entry, and network traffic during a cybersecurity event.  


SIEM solutions provide a wide range of benefits to organisations of all sizes. Along with it being an effective tool for IT security teams looking to detect and manage threats in real-time with reporting and long-term analytics of logs and events, it can also assist in the following ways.

Essentially having a SIEM solution implemented means an element of your security is consistently automated saving you time, money and resource. 

  • Increased efficiency within your workforce and particularly the IT department as your network is being continuously monitored by a solution.
  • Improved protection from potential security incidents, breaches and events due to real-time network monitoring.
  • The cost of resources will be reduced as you will not need to spend as much on disaster recovery, patching out issues when they become problematic, and creating a smoother network for employees to use.  

Learn more about how SIEM solutions can help you by viewing our Infographic - 5 business headaches that a cloud-based SIEM solves.

What are your options?

Sapphire work alongside LogRhythm to provide SIEM solutions to organisations of all sizes enabling them to align people, processes and technology to prevent cyber threats in more effective ways. LogRhythm’s SIEM solution can be deployed as a traditional on-prem appliance on your own hardware or in the cloud. 

If you would like to understand more about LogRhythm’s SIEM solution view our e-book - The many silver linings to cloud-based SIEM


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