Securing Your Data

Given that data has now taken over from oil as the world’s most valuable resource, it is more vital than ever that businesses are able to fully quantify the risk to their business against current and emerging cyber threats and ensure their valuable or sensitive data does not come to ‘danger, harm or loss’. This coupled with stringent regulations such as the recent GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the financial impact to a business should it suffer a data breach mean that taking the correct measures to secure your data is of paramount importance.

Data Discovery

Discovery is the act of automatically scanning data at rest, classifying it, and potentially enforcing an action on the classification. Sapphire provides visibility into how your business-critical data is processed. We enable you to monitor, manage and control data and utilise behavioural analytics and machine learning to discover broken business processes and identify employees that elevate risk to critical data.

Identify data stored across your infrastructure.
Protect by managing and controlling data flows.
Respond and recover from incidents quickly.

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

Data security is a never-ending challenge. On one hand, businesses are required to keep up with regulations and protect intellectual property from targeted attacks and accidental exposure. On the other, they must adapt to macro IT movements, such as the adoption of cloud applications, hybrid cloud environments and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trends, all of which increase the ways data can leave your organisation. Sapphire can help you to determine how your critical data is being processed across your infrastructure, whether on-premise, in the cloud or being accessed remotely. We can enable you to monitor, manage and control data and by utilising behavioural analytics and machine learning, reduce the risk of a data breach or data leak within your organisation.

Data Classification

Classifying data enhances your employee’s awareness of the value and sensitivity of the information they are handling. Metadata labels facilitate more effective application of data security, data management and retention policies. We can ensure your classifications are aligned with your security policies and that sensitive data is easily searched for, identified and retrieved where necessary.

Policies and Procedures

Sapphire can assist in the creation of the required documentation for a range of different standards including: ISO 27001:2013, the EU directive on the security of Networks and Information Systems (NIS Directive), and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. (E.g. Data Protection Policy, Training Policy, Fair Processing Procedure, Subject Access Request Procedure, Privacy Impact Assessment Procedure plus 20 more documents).

Secure Email

All businesses rely on email as a primary form of communication but frequently struggle to protect the sensitive data being shared both internally and with external users. Sapphire provides provides easy-to-use, flexible email and file encryption that offers the highest levels of security. In addition to encrypting message contents and attachments, it provides total control over shared information in real time, with the ability to revoke access, audit user actions and add message restrictions to prevent mishandling.

Secure Collaborative Working

Teams need a single place to securely share, work on and store the latest versions of documents – particularly when collaborating on projects with external third parties that should not be given access to internal networks. Sapphire can provide businesses with an encrypted platform for collaboration and file sharing, with comprehensive access management and full auditing offering real-time control over who can access the data and what they can do with it. With sophisticated user management and full auditing functionality our solution enables you to provide a clear view of all user activity, enabling targeted improvements to security policies.

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