Many organisations are increasingly making the move to the cloud, lured by the benefits they stand to gain around flexibility and profitability. The drive towards digital transformation is compelling; businesses are considering the capability it can offer them both in terms of scope and competitive advantage. Whilst many companies have been using the cloud for mainly tier-one applications, such as ERP or CRM services, for a few years now, there is a shift towards utilising cloud environments for more business-critical service purposes.

The subject of security should always be paramount to any cloud discussion or project. It is the responsibility of any business to ensure it has adequate security ‘in’ the cloud, whereas the responsibility of the cloud providers is to ensure the security ‘of’ the cloud. The same controls implemented within internal infrastructures or hosted datacenters, must be also applied to all cloud environments, along with robust policies and procedures.

Security ‘in’ the cloud must address basic security, including data protection, identity and access control and infrastructure security. Sapphire’s view is that any security measures taken on-premise should always be replicated in the cloud.

Cloud Application Security Broker (CASB)

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions allow businesses to safely embrace the cloud by providing visibility and control for cloud applications. It provides both the ability to discover the use of unsanctioned cloud applications and assess associated risk, as well as the ability to control how sanctioned cloud applications such as Office 365, Google Suite, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox and others are used in order to prevent the loss of critical intellectual property.

Free Cloud Assessment

Your employees access and share data using a myriad of different cloud apps. Do you know how your data is used, where it travels to and what the levels of risk are? Register now for our free cloud threat assessment and receive a customised report on Office365, Box, G Suite, and which will demonstrate:

  • Cloud usage patterns. How potentially harmful activities happen in cloud applications across your organisation.
  • Geographical usage. Which countries your data is traveling to and from (you may be surprised).
  • Privileged users. Do you have more administrators than you need?
  • Dormant users. Are you overspending on unused licenses?
  • Riskiest users. Who are your riskiest users and why?

Securing Cloud Infrastructure

Whether your looking to migrate to the cloud, are already using cloud services or are looking to secure access to cloud applications, Sapphire is able to help. We have worked with customers using various Cloud service providers such as AWS and Azure to deploy solutions that protect assets in the cloud from the most sophisticated threats with dynamic scalability, intelligent provisioning and consistent control across physical and virtual networks, ensuring you can embrace the cloud with confidence.

Unmatched Threat Prevention
Delivers shared intelligence and advanced threat prevention security to protect all customer cloud services against the latest generation of sophisticated cyberattacks.

Security As Dynamic As Your Cloud
Context sharing for dynamic policy updates as well as auto-provisioning, auto-scaling and one-click deployments.

Cloud Application Security

Cloud services optimise business operations but are breached daily. Sapphire’s technical consultants can work with you to deploy solutions that will prevent attacks on SaaS applications, enabling consistent policies between mobiles, PCs and gateways, delivering unified security monitoring across the board.

Zero-Day Threat Protection
Prevent threats from getting into SaaS applications, and block phishing emails for Office365 and Gmail.

Identify Protection
Block access of unauthorised users and compromised devices.

Data Protection
Block sharing of sensitive data such as emails and files, and detect and control shadow IT within the organisation.

Single Sign On (SSO)

It is reported that in any given month users are required to use an average of 191 passwords. Sapphire provides a range of Single Sign On (SSO) solutions designed to simplify the user experience but ensure the security and integrity of the corporate systems and applications being accessed by your workforce.

By deploying a SSO solution not only can your business mitigate the risk of users ‘losing’ or writing down passwords in order to remember them but it can deliver visibility of what applications a user accessed, when access occurred and other useful information about their activity. This information helps ensure the integrity of corporate IP and data.

Identity Management

It is crucial for any business to be aware of who is accessing its systems and corporate applications, and that the IT department has the visibility and capability to use this information effectively. In our experience, we have found that the most successful Identity Management Solutions are those that provide access to information as and when needed, without providing a headache for the user or the person managing the tool.

Sapphire has experience working with a number of technologies that are scalable depending on the size of your business and can enable the IT department to not only manage user privileges appropriately but reduce the number of helpdesk calls from locked accounts and frustrated users.

Vulnerability Management

Over the last 22 years Sapphire have tested, secured and protected sensitive and mission critical networks. Our certified testing team continue to draw from this experience and now offer this knowledge in a direct and unique way through our Vulnerability Assessment and Management Service.

Sapphire provides an effective platform for reducing risk through vulnerability detection and alerting. Our managed service continuously monitors networks and critical systems, alerting and informing on the vulnerabilities that could undermine operations, exploit data and compromise businesses. We identify exploitable weakness and provide a platform to prioritise threats for effective remediation planning. Data only resides in the UK, segregated and secured on a per customer basis.

Monthly and quarterly reports are generated for compliance and vulnerabilities. Each report is reviewed by a subject matter expert who will highlight areas of concern and provide their own interpretation of events. Serious vulnerabilities will be escalated immediately and one of our consultants will be available to discuss findings or remediation actions.


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