Securing your assets

As the technology landscape evolves and the network perimeter diminishes it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure the IT assets within your business. A well devised IT asset management programme is key to your success. However, with the increase in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and many organisations moving to the cloud, keeping track of those assets, their users, what systems they can access and perhaps more importantly what data they can access is becoming increasingly difficult for IT professionals.  There is no escaping the fact that managing IT assets is an integral part of your IT security programme. An asset discovery exercise is a crucial element of any security programme and is often overlooked. This exercise enables you to locate all devices and create an inventory. You are then in a position to efficiently identify your data and where it resides, this can help you to achieve compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and can also assist you to determine risk appetite of your business.

Perimeter Security

As businesses networks become more distributed, applications move to the cloud and threats rapidly evolve securing the perimeter has never been more challenging. Sapphire has worked with the leading providers of network security solutions for over 22 years. We can provide a range of solutions that can protect your businesses datacenters, branches, cloud networks and the people that use them.

Our integrated platforms can reduce the complexity of your perimeter security, simplify management and lower the total cost of ownership whilst saving you valuable time and resources.

Web and Email Security

Today, business and industry sites are one of the top three categories visited when a malware encounter occurs. Exploit-laden online ads are distributed through legitimate websites, and hackers target user communities on common public forums.  Sapphire work with a number of the leading providers of web and email security solutions. Our solutions provide advanced threat detection with integrated Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), sandbox analysis, phishing and ransomware protection for both cloud and on-premise solutions and we have experience of working with O365 deployments.

Security and Incident Event Management (SIEM)

It’s no longer a case of if you get it hit with a cyber-attack, but when. It’s a reality that your business will continue to be confronted by increasingly frequent and complex cyberthreats. How quickly you identify and respond to these attacks is crucial. A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution operates as your team’s central nervous system to alert and activate countermeasures when a threat is looming. According to Frost & Sullivan, “A well-designed SIEM will not only advance security objectives, but will also optimise security analysts’ time and talent and streamline workflow processes.”

Sapphire provides a range of solutions that give you the visibility and intelligence to protect your business against attacks. Sapphire can work with you to determine which SIEM solution is right for your business model and provide both on-premise and a fully managed service.

Vulnerability and Patch Management

Most exploits target known vulnerabilities—in many case there will have been a patch has been available to prevent that vulnerability for at least a year. You can’t rely on manual processes, or on users themselves, to ensure systems are fully patched. With the significant changes in the way organisations approach assets and their vulnerabilities, it’s more critical than ever to have an effective vulnerability management programme in place.

Sapphire provides an effective platform for reducing risk through vulnerability detection and alerting. We identify exploitable weakness and provide a platform to prioritise threats for effective remediation planning. In addition to this, Sapphire  provides patch management solutions that will help you to identify and patch vulnerabilities across all major third-party applications, your servers, desktops and laptops.

Endpoint Security

As instances of malware and ransomware continue to increase, traditional anti-virus is less than 50% effective at blocking and preventing today’s threats. With an average of 13% of people responding to phishing or spear-phishing emails, the best way to mitigate risk against malware hidden in URL links or attachments is to deploy effective controls at the point where the risk is greatest – the endpoint. To keep one step ahead, enterprises need a multi-faceted prevention strategy that combines proactive protection that eliminates threats before they reach users, and state-of-the-art CPU-level exploit detection to expose even the most highly camouflaged threats.

DDoS Prevention

Modern DDoS attacks use new techniques to exploit areas that traditional security solutions are not equipped to protect. These attacks can cause serious network downtime to businesses who rely on networks and Web services to operate. Sapphire provides a range of solutions that mitigate the risk of a DDoS attack against your business. These include:

A hybrid of dedicated on-premises and cloud-based resources to defend against volumetric, application, reflective and resource-exhaustive DDoS attacks.

Advanced web application protection that utilises smart WAF technology for real-time protection including DDoS prevention and automated whitelisting.

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