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Reduce your cyber risks with a Managed SIEM

With cybersecurity attacks growing and the barrier to becoming a threat actor lowering, volumes of malicious actions continue to increase. It is more challenging than ever for organisations to identify, prioritise and address threats.

A SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) or SIEMaaS platform is the counterpoint to fight against cyber threats.

Sapphire’s SIEM as a Service will provide complete installation, adjusting, and managing for your organisations’ systems.

Why Sapphire?


Identify and prioritise security threats more effectively to ensure the most efficient application of security resources while also reducing risk. A continual reduction in detection time is a good marker of security maturity.


Improve remediation and incident response times to reduce exposure from reconnaissance, lateral movement on the network and data exfiltration.


Sapphire’s 24/7 security information and event management (SIEM) and incident response are handled by an experienced team, allowing the security function to focus on strategy.

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Sapphire’s SIEM as a Service

  • Reduce dwell time: A Managed SIEM reduces exposure to existing threats. More than just a metric, this factor is a positive step towards a mature security posture.
  • Reduce mean time to respond (MTTD): A Managed SIEM will identify and qualify/remediate security alerts minutes, rather than days, weeks and months.
  • Reduce mean time to respond (MTTR): Our Managed SIEM team is experienced in responding swiftly to a cyber-attack. This allows you to reduce the financial cost/damage to your organisation and its systems.
  • Threat intelligence: We manage log events and data in real-time from different sources and categorisie them by severity using threat intelligence to determine actions.

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