Sapphire Compliance - GDPR Training

The people in your organisation are at the core of your GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) project. They know what data processing activities the organisation undertakes. But do they know their obligations, and those of your organisation, under the new European Privacy Regulation? Staff awareness of these obligations holds the key for those looking to demonstrate compliance.

Sapphire provides a GDPR training and awareness fully managed service that comprises of multiple high-level training modules, full of rich content which is delivered via an online portal. Our GDPR courses comprise of ‘Nano’ or ‘bite-sized’ modules designed to make the education process user friendly and encourage learning. Our offering includes:

Courses: GDPR for Data Handlers / GDPR for Managers and Executives
Nano: What is GDPR / Personal Data / Data Processing / Sensitive Data / Use cases
Questionnaires and Testing: Optional and Mandatory*



Both personal and monthly reports are generated on all training modules. The reports include the adoption of the training programme throughout your organisation, outstanding training modules and the completion rate.


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