NETconsent – 30 Day Evaluation

Interested in a suite of modules that integrate to form an all-inclusive policy management system and corporate communications software solution?

Sapphire’s partner, NETconsent are offering a 30-day free trial of their policy management software, this free trial is a fully functional copy of the software giving you the full NETconsent policy management experience for 30 days.

  • Only Platform that can enforce all user’s participation and therefore guarantee 100% compliance automatically.
  • Send broadcasted real-time alerts to specified groups, guaranteeing that they see and acknowledge them!
  • Allows searching for content across all polices and document repositories with the press of a button – directly linking to the most up to date policy version at all times.
  • NETconsent is interoperable with any platform.
  • Requires electronic signatures and passwords after user acceptance, ideal for authenticating exams and tests that are rolled out.
  • Administrator has the ability to see who, when and how long a user took to complete the content and with what level of accuracy.
  • Can set polices by priority level – either enforce as mandatory or advisory and dictate the behaviour you want from your users.
  • Can be accessed in different ways by the user, automatically on log-in, on a timer once logged in or accessed manually.
  • Available in multiple languages and is automatically aligned to users correct language by what settings are in their IE.
  • No client installs required on end user devices!!!

NETconsent have recently updated their service giving you the opportunity to test the newest version of their software.

To request a free 30-day eval, please fill in the contact form below and one of  the Sapphire team will contact you.

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