Check Point Mobile Threat Research Report


As businesses around the globe increasingly adopt mobility programs to boost productivity and profitability, cyberattacks continue to grow in sophistication andfrequency. Yet today nearly two-thirds of security professionals doubt their organizations can prevent a breach to employees' devices, while 94% expect the frequency of mobile attacks to increase.

This report, prepared by Check Point's mobile threat research team, is the first to study the impact of mobile attacks in enterprise environments by assessing actual threat telemetry of corporate-owned and bring-your-own devices. The results are stark: enterprise mobility is under constant attack, affecting all regions and industries, on both major mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Threats to mobile users are myriad and powerful, and ultimately capable of compromising any device, accessing sensitive data at any time.

This report reveals the major trends in mobile malware and other attack vectors, where they operate, and which industries are the most frequent targets.