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Corporate social media account takeovers are an increasingly common occurrence, affecting the likes of politicians, celebrities, brands, other high-profile accounts and even Mark Zuckerberg, the father of the social media revolution. However, no study has been performed to analyze the prevalence, cost, motivations, and methodology of such attacks. Understanding these would be incredibly helpful for defence; for example, it could be used for effective distribution of preventative efforts. To that end, ZeroFOX Research has investigated successful account takeovers against celebrities and organizations in the past 4 years and aggregated pertinent details into this white paper. ZeroFOX also considered attacks to regular accounts and small business accounts, which is detailed in the conclusion. These attacks are less costly than those covered in the body of the study but occur much more frequently.


  • A detailed survey of 347 high-profile accounts compromised over the past 4.5 years
  • A breakdown of hackers motivations, including money, political messages,  and just ‘for the lulz’
  • Common attacker tactics, techniques, & procedures and methods of breaking into a high-value account
  • Best practices for securing your accounts on social media

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