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11 February 2019

As many organisations move to the cloud to with the aims of saving money and improving productively and accessibility, how we secure our data in it can sometimes be overlooked. It’s crucial that we are aware of what data is stored in the cloud and that we have the visibility of how it is being used, where it travels to and the risk associated with this.

To help organisations achieve this, Sapphire’s offering a free Cloud Threat Assessment which assesses your cloud-application risk posture. The outcome of this assessment is a report which shows you:

  • Cloud Usage Patterns: how potentially harmful activities happen in cloud applications across your organisation.
  • Geographical Usage: which countries your data is traveling to and from (you may be surprised).
  • Privileged Users: do you have more administrators than you need?
  • Dormant Users: are you overspending on unused licenses?
  • Riskiest Users: who are your riskiest users and why?

In just a few minutes, you’ll receive customised assessments on Office365, Box, G Suite, and

If you would like to see an example report or are interested in taking the free assessment, please fill in the form below.