Our strategic partner Check Point pride themselves on their ‘sense of urgency’ to move quickly to protect against new vulnerabilities and attacks. Check Point work closely with NSS Labs to ensure continued delivery of stable, effective and efficient security to their customers. In a follow-on public test conducted at NSS Labs after their July 17 NGFW publication*, Check Point Next Generation Firewall achieved outstanding security results. Highlights from the test results include:

  • 100% Live Exploit Block Rate
  • 100% Evasion resistance
  • 99.62% Exploit Block Rate Overall
  • 100% Stability and Reliability
  • Performance 20% higher than published device performance rating

Download a copy of the NSS Labs NGFW test report to learn how Sapphire’s strategic partner Check Point consistently delivers advanced security protections at exceptional value – so you don’t need to worry about the next cyber-attack.

* The indicated results listed are updated test results following a resolution of a stability issue in a low level infrastructure that was found in the 2018 NSS Labs test.

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