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MENLO Security – Securing Office 365 Email with Isolation

Microsoft Office 365 Is One of the Fastest-Growing Cloud-Based Applications Today.

Reports have estimated that by 2021, nearly three-quarters of business users will be substantially provisioned with cloud-based office productivity capabilities, like Office 365.

However, Office 365 security, particularly the security of its email capabilities, is a source of concern for users of the cloud-based service. The apprehension is not only felt by organizations migrating to or adopting Office 365, but it has also been covered by industry analysts, and has even been analyzed and publicized by Microsoft.

This White Paper Answers the Questions:

  • Are Office 365 email security and Microsoft’s add-on subscription services ‘good enough’?
  • Does legacy detection protect users from new, sophisticated advances in malware and its delivery mechanisms?
  • What solutions will address the gaps in email and web security left unaddressed and that are assailable by attackers in Office 365?

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