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How To Stop Ransomware: Free Resource

How to Prevent Ransomware Spreading via Active Directory


Ransomware is more damaging than traditional computer malware since it infects devices and encrypts data. A ransom is then demanded in exchange for a decryption key that restores access to the data. But in many cases, the decryption keys provided don’t work. It’s no wonder the FBI recommends not to pay ransoms.


The last couple of years have seen ransomware like LockerGoga and Samas omitting a spreader. Malware usually includes propagating itself from an initial infected device to other devices on the same network. But instead of writing and testing the extra code, which may be prone to failure, hackers are leveraging a mechanism already present in most organisations: Active Directory.



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  • Understand ransomware trends over the past couple of years.
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  • Learn about examples of ransomware attacks.
  • Understand how to prevent ransomware from spreading via Active Directory.

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