Next-Generation Anti-Virus & Enterprise EDR

Counteract & Protect Against Threats

Cyber-attacks are evolving and increasing in frequency and severity - this can be a cause of concern for organisations using traditional endpoint solutions, many of which are not as intuitive as they need to be to defend your infrastructure against attack. Through our Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solution, we can provide you with complete and continuous visibility into your endpoint environment, enable you to get detailed insights into threats and give you the ability to respond and remediate them from anywhere in order to contain attacks and prevent any damage to your business.

The service includes a range of features to enhance and protect against the most advanced cyber threats today. All features are incorporated into one single agent and console.

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Options available to you


Enterprise Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) allows for continuous monitoring of cyber threats. Via innovative threat hunting and incident response, detailed insight is provided to top security operations centres (SOCs) and incident response (IR) teams. 

This solution provides you with a next-generation endpoint protection platform that enhances security in the cloud using a single agent, console, and dataset. Data is continuously collected giving you all the necessary information required to fully understand the attacks you face, allowing you to reduce complexity and implement an efficient endpoint security solution.


Our Endpoint Standard is a next-generation antivirus solution that provides comprehensive protection from today’s cyber threats. Using a universal agent and console the solution applies behavioural analytics to the endpoint to streamline detection, prevention, and response to cyber-attacks.

You will also have protection through activity analysis which uncovers any malicious behaviour to stop all types of attacks as the solution uses machine learning and behaviour models to analyse activity.

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