Our top five cyber security tips that could save your business

Many small to medium sized businesses make the mistake of assuming that they are not at risk from cyber scams and security. This is due to the fact that they believe their size means it is unlikely they would be a worthy target. While that may be true for some hackers, after all they do like to hit the spotlight in the news and target large companies. However, being an easy target is also easy money and helps to build their confidence and practice their techniques. Securing your assets and data is critical to the longevity of your business.

If you own a small or medium sized company, you need to take the threat of cyber criminality and vulnerability discovery very seriously. So, here are our top five security tips that could save your business from disaster.

  1. Get the basics right

Let’s start with the absolute basics and keeping your system and software upto date. Often, hacking comes from outdated versions of software, networks and equipment. Whilst you may have the right processes in place to ensure systems are updated regularly, we would always advise regularly auditing systems to check this has been done. Ensure your IT Team are aware of the importance of patching and what it could cost your business.


  1. Provide training

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and have been for the past decade for all business sizes. Ensuring that your company is well equipped to prevent, detect and respond to attacks is only possible if you have employees who have a good understanding of security risks, and the latest threats. Education and the right training can help staff to set strong passwords and be able to spot phishing attempts.

For those staff that are working remotely, this increases your risk so try to ensure that the correct IT security practices are in place first.

Remember that new staff need training as part of their onboarding process. Do not wait until the next event comes around – act immediately.


  1. Set the culture

Creating a strong security culture will always start with those who are in management positions so it’s for them to set an example.


  1. Insider attacks

Having policies in place to ensure that employees only have the minimum level of access required to perform their job can help to limit damage to your company. Also ensure that attachments are not easily opened and you have the right email security procedures in place also.


  1. Outsource for expertise

Every company that has any kind of online footprint or external system is in need of cyber security expertise. There is a shortage of cyber security professionals with the right skills necessary to fill the number of positions available. This means it can be very expensive hiring the right expertise for smaller companies.

One way to overcome this problem is to work with companies that offer managed solutions such as Sapphire.