Nearly 70% of large businesses suffered at least one breach or cyber attack last year, according to the government and that includes some of the worlds most recognised brands. Ransomware in particular has reached epic proportions, striking more than half and causing immediate business shutdown in 20% of cases.   That’s

not to mention the crippling effects of DDoS attacks, phishing, zero day threats, targeted attacks, financial malware, insider threats and more.

That’s where Sapphire comes in. We’re running a new three-part series designed to offer UK businesses a wealth of best practice advice to make them more secure, more competitive and more resilient.

Help where you need it most

There’ll be three webinars in total, focusing on the following topics:

  • Anatomy of a malware attack – 25 May
  • The human firewall – 22 June
  • Testing & vulnerability management – 20 July

Kicking off the series later this month, Sapphire experts David Lannin and Mark Shaw will be on hand to guide you through the so-called “Cyber Kill Chain”, which describes the various stages that compromise typical malware attacks. Hackers today have a wealth of readily available tools and techniques that can bypass traditional perimeter-based security with ease. We’ll  be using real world, big business scenarios to show how just one mitigation can help break their kill chain and to help you gain an advantage.

Sapphire can make the difference

Sapphire has over 21 years’ experience helping organisations protect themselves from the worst the black hat community can throw at them.

Visibility, control and the ability to respond quickly when incidents occur is what organisations need most. It’s impossible to guarantee 100% security, especially given the sheer volume and sophistication of threats facing us today. But what we can do is make sure we’re as resilient as possible, and if the worst does happen, we can spring into action to minimise the impact of an attack.

Sapphire offers malware defence in the form of:

  • A range of desktop and gateway defensive solutions designed to break the kill-chain of attacks
  • A user-based approach to malware prevention through education, testing and online training
  • Investigation and remediation of cyber attacks/malware infection
  • A close working partnership with leading industry vendors

Sapphire has been helping customers for over two decades. So sign up to our webinar series today and learn how you too can drive business success by breaking the cyber kill chain.

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