Cyber Security Awareness Training & Phishing

There has never been more crucial time to focus on user training and awareness. Education around cyber security continues to be one of the most underinvested parts of our industry and yet, has the ability to have the greatest impact when protecting your business.

Our security awareness training helps organisations deliver vital education to users, providing an extensive range of training modules designed to heighten awareness across all aspects of cyber security. This is delivered via our digital learning platform, updated monthly with topical and engaging content on cyber security matters happening today. Our digital learning platform includes:

Security Awareness Training
Featuring engaging content on best-practice cyber security matters, GDPR awareness, data protection, compliance and more.

Phishing Testing & Awareness
Measure how susceptible users are to phishing attacks and implement an effective improvement programme with rich training content.

Policy Management
Minimise the effort and cost of policy management via centralised control and distribution, as well quantifying staff understanding and agreement tracking. 


Over the last 18 months there have been a number of significant data breaches, the majority of which can be attributed to employee behaviour. Employees can be more susceptible when they are unaware of policies, or unaware of procedures to mitigate social engineering based attacks.

Security Awareness
➙  Help prevent the human element of cyber-attack exploitation
➙  Raise awareness across all aspects of cyber security
➙  Educate staff on brand protection, staying safe online and protecting digital assets
➙  Demonstrate to the board, your partners, customers and employees that you have a ‘security culture’ within your organisation

➙  Reduce risks associated with phishing and spear-phishing, such as ransomware and malware
➙  Raise general awareness of email security, the implications of opening

Policy Management
➙  Effective policy dissemination to all users
➙  Target policies to specific user communities
➙  Minimise cost of policy lifecycle management
➙  Increase staff knowledge of threats, risks and controls
➙  Provide reporting for auditors and regulators
➙  Determine employee understanding of policies

Rich & Engaging Content

All of the content delivered via our portal is visually rich, engaging and easy to consume training materials. If you already have a learning management system in place we can integrate with your existing solution, or provide new content which is updated regularly. Alternatively, your own content can be integrated into our platform, offering centralised management and reporting capabilities.

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