Sapphire Compliance - Phishing

The use of phishing emails to propagate malware and ransomware is on the increase, primarily due to the high success rates they yield. Traditional perimeter technical controls are no longer effective in isolation to protect organisations from these types of attacks.

Alongside more effective perimeter and endpoint technical controls, Sapphire believe that the more effective way to protect your business is to create a human firewall by educating your staff and raising general awareness on how to spot potential phishing threats and how they should be handled.

Our phishing awareness service takes a structured approach over a twelve-month period to help your business become more resistant to attacks delivered by email. Providing phishing testing combined with security awareness training provides ongoing improvements to securing your businesses. Customers adopting our phishing awareness and training service have seen their phishing exposure percentage fall from 40% to less than 2% within a year.

A Structured Approach

Our phishing awareness service operates over a 12-month period, helping your organisation to become more resistant to attacks delivered by email. Initially we offer baseline testing to assess how phish-prone your organisation is to this type of threat vector.

Once we have established their baseline, we work closely with our clients to offer on-demand, interactive and engaging training. In parallel, we agree tailored simulated phishing attacks which are relevant to your business and manage this process seamlessly from testing, through training and retesting.

These show your level of phishing exposure in terms of a metric, individual detail of who is susceptible to phishing, as well as improvement following the training, proving the value of the service to your business.


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