At Sapphire we work with organisations across the UK that turn to managed security services as an alternative to the costly and complex process of managing in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Sapphire’s UK-based Managed Security Operations Centre service brings industry-leading technology together with highly skilled analysts. Your organisation can focus on its core business knowing that Sapphire effectively handles your front-line threat detection, analysis, and prevention 24×7.


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Cybersecurity protection by Sapphire

How can Sapphire help your organisation stay ahead of the latest threats?


  • Detection: Sapphire’s security operations centre will monitor your organisation’s environment 24/7. Our cybersecurity experts will uncover malicious or suspicious activities, collecting as much information as possible on threats for more in-depth investigation.
  • Analysis: Sapphire’s SOC analysts scrutinise suspicious activity to determine the precise nature of the threat and its extent. This includes understanding the attack vector, how the chain of events unfolded and how to respond.
  • Response: Front-line SOC teams coordinate with your technical team to assist and advise in the remediation of any issues.
  • Reporting: The SOC team provides detailed, actionable reporting based on the individual needs of your organisation. We will focus on valuable, relevant security information that will improve the security strategy of your organisation.

Why Sapphire?

24×7 security monitoring from the UK

Operating around the clock from a UK-based SOC and powered by a Tier 3 data-centre, Sapphire’s Managed SOC solutions delivers the highest quality of service. Your organisation can track and measure performance using our dynamic reporting tailored to your specfication and delivered by our SOC teams.

25 years experience

Sapphire has 25 years of cybersecurity experience. Our certified specialist SOC security team, including our security analysts, give our customers the benefit of experts who are as adept on the front lines as they are in the board room.

Stay ahead of threats

Investing in next-generation countermeasures means customers benefit from access to the latest Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Endpoint Detection Response (EDR), Vulnerability Management, Incident Response technology and more. Sapphire powers this with high-grade threat intelligence feeds, greatly enriched with customer data for context.


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