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Increase your security posture with Managed Threat Intelligence Services

Are you looking for a Threat intelligence that can analyse threat feeds about current or emerging cyber threats?

Sapphire has twenty 25 years mitigating cyber risk for organisations across the UK.

With Sapphire’ Managed Threat Intelligence our expert cyber security professionals go one step further. Sapphire can provide operational, brand and vulnerability intelligence, reducing exposure to the activities of cybercriminals. Sapphire’s service is further enriched with threat data from the broadest range of sources, including hacking communities, the dark web and Internet discussion feeds.

Protect and the reduce risk to your digital and corporate assets with Sapphire’s Managed Threat intelligence services.



  • Identify previously undetected threats
  • Real-time exploitation analysis
  • Global threat landscape monitoring
  • Threat actor investigations
  • Ransomware activity monitoring
  • Supply chain and partner monitoring
  • Identify indicators before exploitation
  • Expert analysis


  • Prioritise patching based on risk
  • Tech-stack monitoring 
  • Real-time exploitation trend analysis
  • Alert on vulnerability indicators before exploitation
  • MITRE Framework mapping
  • Active vulnerability exploit monitoring


  • Domain abuse monitoring
  • Executive impersonation monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Credential and data leak monitoring
  • Brand attack mitigation
  • Takedown services
  • Brand, logo or product monitoring
  • Brand impersonation monitoring
Managed Threat intelligence: Advantages

Managed Threat intelligence: Advantages

  • A comprehensive service: Brings collection, threat intelligent analysis, verification and dissemination skills together to deliver actionable intelligence quickly from the point of service commission.
  • Cost-effective: Leverages Sapphire’s investments in acquiring, integrating, and resourcing our comprehensive threat intelligence platform and skilled analyst team rather than requiring further in-house project management, selection, engineering, and analyst effort.
  • Focused on your needs: Sapphire’s Managed Threat Intelligence Service is tailored to your requirements: your organisation, your brand, your operational environment. Rather than receiving streams of generic Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), our service will deliver specific intelligence threat feeds relevant to your particular situation.

Sapphire is the alternative to an in-house threat intelligence platform.

Contact our team today to learn more how Sapphire’s Threat Intelligence Analysis will help your organisation.

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