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21 February 2023


A Financial Services and Technology organisation takes a robust approach to secure its data, infrastructure, assets, and people, with stringent information security policies and procedures and a comprehensive security architecture comprising best-of-breed technical solutions.

Customer data is of paramount concern to the organisation and they are continuously improving their security maturity. Being part of a heavily regulated industry also requires the organisation to continuously monitor events on its network and detect cyber threats and anomalies.

The Solution

Sapphire has unrivalled experience with 25 years of mitigating cyber risk for some of the UK’s largest organisations. This means accessing the best possible people, processes, and technology for customers, and all are continually augmented to match a highly fluid threat landscape.

The Financial Services and Technology organisation acquired Sapphire’s Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution on their Premium Service. Sapphire’s SOC team worked with the organisation to ensure that the onboarding was a seamless process and delivered successfully in the timeframe set out in the agreed project plan.

The organisation benefited from advanced threat detection within hours of the integration, knowing experienced and highly skilled analysts were monitoring activity. Internal time and resources became instantly more available as their security team no longer were required to review and investigate potential security events.

return on cybersecurity

Detailed Reporting

The organisation’s, Infrastructure & Security Manager said, “We’ve been using Sapphire’s managed services for a year now, and in that time, we have experienced a return on investment by saving time and freeing up our security team to focus their efforts on other areas of the business.”

Sapphire’s analysts focus on threat analysis and contextualised threat intelligence, providing expert assessments of complex security events.
Each month, SOC customers receive detailed and actionable reports based on the activity and incidents that have taken place. These reports have rich commentary from analysts, delivering perspective and expert advice.

“The management reports from Sapphire are shared with our risk Managers regularly”, said the Infrastructure & Security Manager. “This enables the business to make critical decisions based on risk and is an integral part of our security strategy.”

Mitigating Cyber Risk for Your Organisation

Sapphire has over 25 years of experience mitigating cyber risk for organisations across the UK.

Our clients have access to the best possible people, processes and technology; all continually augmented to match a highly fluid threat landscape.

Whether securing your hardware or developing a security strategy mapped to your organisation, Sapphire is here to support you.

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