Managed Detection & Response

Gain complete visibility across your entire infrastructure with Sapphire’s best-in-class and highly versatile Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service.

Sapphire’s MDR service allows our clients to focus on their core business functions while we keep their digital environments secure and compliant by staying ahead of and mitigating evolving threats.

Why Sapphire

24x7x365 UK-based security expertise & support.

The cyber threat landscape is wider than ever, with innovative threats evolving at an unprecedented rate. Sapphire helps organisations across the UK augment their security infrastructure by providing more effective threat detection and best-in-class detection and response.

Sapphire’s MDR service enables our clients to become more agile, secure, compliant, and efficient.

Sapphire is a managed services provider, but we’re also your cyber security partner. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) and expert analysts operate as an extension of your in-house team, working 24/7, 365, to analyse and investigate security alerts.

Why Sapphire

Our team of security analysts continually respond to threats and provide a human touch that gives our clients peace of mind that the experts are always available.

Sapphire’s MDR service eliminates the need for high initial setup and ongoing maintenance costs that typically come with an in-house solution. By leveraging our existing team of analysts, we also save organisations time and money.

All of Sapphire’s services are built to grow with our clients. Our MDR service adapts to growing and changing business needs without requiring new hardware or training.

Built-in compliance features enable our clients to quickly achieve and maintain various regulatory compliance standards.

Our combination of premium, open-source, and propriety threat intelligence ensure that we also provide the most complete situational awareness to our clients.

What our Clients Say

“The management reports are shared with our risk managers. This enables the business to make critical decisions based on risk and is an integral part of our security strategy.”

Infrastructure & Security Manager, Financial Services & Technology Organisation

Sapphire MDR services are designed with your organisation in mind.

PErfect for Organisations who…

Require 24x7x365 support

Face strict compliance or regulatory requirements

Have limited resources to manage cyber risk

Seek a ready-to-use service

Desire specialist advice on threat response actions