Identify The Log4j Vulnerability

The Log4j Vulnerability: A Critical Threat to Network Security

Log4j has recently been identified as one of the most critical vulnerabilities we’ve experienced in recent years which allows remote attackers to exploit the organisations network by sending a request to a server running a vulnerable version of log4j. 

Critical Log4j Vulnerability

Remote Attack Exploitation

Network Security Risk

Vulnerable Log4j Versions

Urgent Security Concern

identify vulnerabilities with Tenable

Sapphire partners with Tenable to offer Nessus Professional, a vulnerability scanning tool. Using Nessus, you will be able to thoroughly assess targets and identify the risk of exploitation from a hacker’s perspective.

Sapphire can facilitate Nessus Professional for you and also offer a half-day training session to help you make the most of your investment and identify vulnerabilities on your network.