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Types of Hacking, Hackers, and How to Avoid Getting Hacked
15 March 2023

Hacking is the act of getting unauthorized access to information or data in a computer system. Hackers can use different methods to gain access to computer systems using different types of hacking. In this article, we will explore the different types of hacking, types of hackers, and what you can do to avoid getting hacked. […]

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National Data Guardian (NDG) Data Security Standards Explained

Health and care organisations must protect information systems against cyber security threats without compromising the quality of health and social care. All health and social care services are built on a foundation of trust and the understanding that sensitive information is shared only with individuals with authorised access. However, as healthcare organisations become increasingly digitised, […]

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What Is a PCI Test? Types and Compliance Requirements

One important aspect of securing your payment systems as a business that accepts credit card payments is ensuring compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). On the other hand, PCI testing is a crucial component of PCI compliance, allowing you to assess your business’s security posture and identify vulnerabilities. So, how […]

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OWASP Methodology Security Testing Phases

Preventing cyber attacks and security breaches is a constant battle for businesses and organisations. Therefore, security testing has become crucial for keeping any website, cloud, mobile, and web applications safe. The OWASP methodology is a way to keep your security updated and ensure any security vulnerabilities are dealt with. We go into a detailed explanation […]

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What Constitutes a Breach of Data Protection?

What constitutes a breach of data protection? This is an important question because not all compromises to your user data need to be officially reported under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We understand the need to report a breach when it happens, but understanding the specific breaches that should be reported can save you […]

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What is Cloud Pen Testing and How Does It Work?

There were up to over 20 billion cyber attacks in 2021, with over 60% of all sites experiencing an attack at least once. This means that there is a high chance yours might get in trouble too. To ensure maximum security, it is important to let experts like Sapphire find any security gaps through cloud pen testing on […]

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Threat Hunt: What is Cyber Threat Hunting?

Cyber threats are becoming more common in the digital world. Unfortunately, malware attacks and unknown threats are always waiting to happen. However, with threat-hunting tactics, techniques, and procedures, data breaches will be a thing of the past. Furthermore, the goal of threat hunting is to monitor everyday activities and detect suspicious activity. Let’s look at […]

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Lolbins: How to Detect & Mitigate Use on Cyber Attacks

Have you ever heard the phrase “the enemy is within”? Well, that’s exactly what Living Off the Land Binary (LOLBins) is all about. They’re like the wolf in sheep’s clothing that hides in plain sight as innocent-looking files on your computer but are used by hackers to carry out malicious attacks. It’s a sneaky tactic […]

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How Much Does a Pen Test Cost? 9 Influencing Factors

Are you considering a penetration test to evaluate your system and network security? If so, consider the pen test cost first. Penetration testing, or “pen testing,” can be expensive, but the benefits of identifying vulnerabilities and improving security are invaluable. Generally, a pen test costs anywhere between £3300 to £83000. Let’s explore the factors contributing to this […]

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What is a Whaling Attack? Phishing Whaling Attacks Explained

Whaling attacks are common, and it is not surprising that large organizations with the best security systems have still fallen prey to these attacks. Unfortunately, even with the best security awareness training, phishing attacks are socially engineered to be successful. However, there are preventative measures you can take to combat targeted phishing attacks. What is […]

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What is Purple Teaming? How Can it Strengthen Your Security?

Imagine you’re the owner of a small business that’s been rapidly growing. You’re proud of your accomplishments but constantly worried about your business’s sensitive data security. You’ve heard about all cyber-attacks and are unsure if your current security measures are enough to protect your business. With purple teaming, a cooperative approach to cybersecurity, the red […]

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What Is SOAR System? Capabilities, Value, and Challenges

With the rise of cyber threats, companies and organisations constantly seek ways to protect their sensitive data and assets. It’s insufficient to rely on manual processes and tools to protect your organisation’s assets. That’s where Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) system comes in. This system offers a way to manage the complexity of security […]

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