Check Point Licence Review Service

Check Point licencing can be complicated leaving you unsure about what features or functionality are available under their current licencing structure. Our technical consultants have reviewed their estate and during this process often identified cost savings and provided advice on how to improve functionality.

We can help you

Ensure that the correct licenses are assigned to gateways within the licence repository.

Remove any old evaluation licences or unused licences.

Update the Check Point User Centre Account so that this clearly reflects the locations of each asset.

why choose Sapphire

Our technical team have been working with Check Point since 1996.

Having direct contact with Check Point HQ we are able to manage and support some of the most complex infrastructures globally.

In addition to this, Sapphire are the only UK four star partner in the UK to boast certifications in Support, Endpoint, Sandblast and Cloudguard.

The benefits to you

It makes licences easier to manage and allows you to remove or trade-in unused Check Point assets.

Provides an opportunity to check that the address details are correct for the hardware appliances. This can help lower annual costs and permits you to guarantee a speedy resolution to hardware replacements if required. 

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