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Cable Krebs, Stamos, Ransomwhere, 32m Pagetechcrunch
15 March 2023

The internet has revolutionized how we live and work, but it has also brought new threats that can cause significant damage to individuals and organizations alike. Since ransomware attacks have increased in recent years, their impact can be devastating. The Cable Krebs, Stamos, Ransomwhere, 32m, Pagetechcrunch incident illustrates how ransomware can wreak havoc on digital […]

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SOC Report and Why Businesses Need it

Most businesses will request a SOC report, although it is not formally required. All businesses have risks, and as an investor, you may want to be familiar with the risks involved. That is why before getting outsourced services to a specific organization, you may want to verify that the organization is following specific practices. So, […]

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What Is Security Monitoring? Importance and Tools

Are you an organisation trying to secure your networks through security monitoring? Or do you want to understand cyber security monitoring better? Most organisations incur a lot of losses in case of a data breach. Still, with the knowledge of cyber security monitoring, you can identify threats on your network in real time and stop […]

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MITRE ATTACK Framework: Detailed Explanation

Effective and comprehensive threat detection requires understanding common adversary techniques that may pose a threat to your organization, and how to detect and mitigate these threats. However, the increasing volume and breadth of attack tactics make it nearly impossible for any organization to monitor every single type of attack. Therefore organizations need tools to help understand their security readiness […]

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Discovering and Assessing Vulnerabilities with Nexpose

Are you aware of the potential risks your organisation faces from cyber-attacks? As technology advances, so do attackers’ methods to breach security systems. In fact, according to a recent study, an average data breach costs $3.86 million! That’s why staying on top of your organisation’s security posture is critical, and you can start with a powerful vulnerability […]

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What is Red Team and How Does it Benefit Organizations?

A red team is a simulated cyber-attack that is very close to an actual attack. It is a cyber-security assessment that brings you very close to understanding how prepared your organization is to defend itself against a skilled and persistent hacker. Red teams help to test an organization’s defence system by identifying vulnerable areas and […]

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What Is Network Traffic Analysis? Features, Benefits, and Implementation

Also referred to as network traffic analysis NTA, Network Traffic Analysis or network traffic data is a set of cyber security measures that entail the observation of network traffic communications. This is done using analytics to unmask threats and analyze encrypted traffic patterns and the likelihood of potential threats happening. Any serious organization aiming to […]

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Ethical Hacking Services: Secure Your Business from Cyber Risks

The malicious activities of hackers pose a constant threat to our cyber world. To effectively combat their sinister plans, it is necessary to adopt a similar mindset. Ethical hacking involves simulating cyberattacks to uncover security vulnerabilities that could result in data breaches. Ethical hackers are the security experts who conduct ethical hacking by attempting to […]

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Darkside the Group Behind Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack

Vulnerabilities in U.S. cybersecurity were exposed when, according to sources, the Darkside Colonial Thursday attack paralyzed operations in the largest pipeline for refined oil products in the United States. The urgency to have a stronger defense system against cyber attacks was highlighted, bringing the need for the federal government to change its outdated security models. […]

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Amid CHAOS, There is Also Crypto Mining
30 January 2023

Sapphire’s SOC Team have been tracking a recent Crypto Mining campaign targeting Linux systems, utilising a proof-of-concept (PoC) hack tool hosted on GitHub known as ‘CHAOS’.

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9 January 2023

Like all organisations, Sapphire Utility Solutions (SUS) is a target for cybercriminals. This is only exasperated by its rapid growth.

Whilst having extensive security experience within the team, SUS wanted to enhance its cybersecurity capabilities and provide the best resources for its team to take advantage of, so it decided to outsource its cybersecurity via Sapphire’s Managed Security service.

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What Does SIEM Stand for?
6 January 2023

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is one of many approaches to security management. It combines SIM (Security Information Management) and SEM (Security Event Management) to aggregate data from a variety of sources as well as identify any deviations and act against them.  

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